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Read the Story Cowboy Commentator Finds Niche

"I saw more of the underside of that Shetland's belly than the top side," Bell said.

Read the Story Rein in Spain Is All the Rage

"He put that horse into a spin that was just unbelievable," the announcer added. "People had never seen anything like it before."

Read the Story Zeb Bell Broadcasts His Opinions from Home

Bell said the purpose of his show is to make people think and sometimes get their ire up enough to make them take action about some issue. "The liberals in this country are tearing apart the fabric of our society," Bell said.

Read the Story Zeb Bell Figures He'll Make It with Friends like These

What started out as a sore shoulder turned into a life-threatening situation for one Murtaugh man. Now his friends are rallying around him, seeking donations and putting on a money-making event to help him.

Read the Story Rodeo Announcer Bell Dusts Himself Off After Setbacks

When Zeb Bell exhorts the fans attending tonight's final performance of the Elks Helldorado Rodeo at the Thomas & Mack Center to "Give it up for these tough old cowboys," he won't be speaking solely from the diaphragm, like most deep-voiced arena announcers. Bell also will be speaking from the heart.