Zeb at the Ranch – Cowpies and Coffee Cups
Zeb at the Ranch – Cowpies and Coffee Cups
~ Volume 590 - September 30, ‍2023 ~
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    I talk to thousands of people on my talk show, and I visit with hundreds more through the course of my daily activities. There is one common thread of agreement in our conversations, America IS NOT what it used to be and NOT what it should be. I'll be blunt, WE as a nation have relaxed our principles and morality and our laws to appease the evil sinister left, it will be our downfall. Recently I received an e-mail that condemned me for being honest about our economy, crime and the evil administration in the Oval Office. I had to chuckle at this man's naive posture on WHAT is really going on inside our land from sea to shining sea. RIGHT HERE let me state that I am a proud "Make American Great Again" taxpayer...our Country has huge problems that need to be rectified to get US back on the right trail. As I write this, crime, murders, carjackings, illegal aliens, drugs, very poor economy, and a total disrespect of America from other Countries is out of control. Don't be a clown at a circus and tell me this great land is NOT in trouble – you'd be a liar! The United States needs a "cleansing"...a complete "janitorial mop-up", we've allowed the dirt in, and NOW is the time to sweep the filth out! NO ONE loves this great America more than me...it has provided me so many opportunities to succeed BUT...we need a "do-over". You have a right to your opinion, HOWEVER...if it's a mamby pamby "Everything is ok" attitude, ride your horse the other way!

Don't forget Dr-History.com! Exciting episodes of the old West!!
Now in 110 countries...110!! And not one of them
have said they're offended!

Our Pledge of Allegiance:
I pledge Allegiance to the flag
of the United States of America
and to the Republic for which it stands,
one nation under God, indivisible,
with Liberty and Justice for all.

Dear Lord: Please Bless and heal this land with your grace and power.
Help us to realize YOU are in charge as you were, as you are now and like
you'll be in the future. Forgive us for "straying off the trail" of what's right
and what's wrong and help us to appreciate what you've blessed us with,
the greatest Country in the world...America!
In Jesus Name.....Amen

Please read Proverbs 10 vs 1-2.

The way things were - are the way things ought to be!

(Copyright Zeb Bell)

Adios Buckaroos and Buckarettes!

God Bless and Fly the Flag!!

Zeb Bell

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