Zeb at the Ranch – Cowpies and Coffee Cups
Zeb at the Ranch – Cowpies and Coffee Cups
~ Volume 587 - September 1, ‍2023 ~
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    Covid coming back...or is it a cold...or is it the flu??? As I write this blog, clouds are gathering on the horizon for another Covid blitz perpetrated by the Biden Administration and the controlling Marxist left. The stage is set and the political actors are in costume and full make-up...lights, camera, action here we go for another round of Covid 19 lockdowns and shutdowns! Why, if it is real, why is the Covid virus possibly making a comeback? The answer is simple. Our damnable government with their "open borders" campaign to let in as many new "Democrats" as possible...does not care AT ALL about your health! These Illegal Aliens (they are NOT migrants!) are carriers of any and every type of disease – polio, measles, tuberculosis, Covid and so many more!! They are not checked, they have no health records and they are infecting communities across America...does it surprise you Covid is coming back?? The Satan called Biden is ready to mandate and enforce another lockdown – shutdown of America, he is ready to enforce mask wearing and mandate another injection of Lord only knows "WHAT" chemicals into OUR bodies! Right here dear reader I would have you sit back and ponder this point...we are only 15 months from the next election...what a great tool of control Covid would be to stymie and stop the voting polls because of "Health Concerns"...Biden and the jackass party would be victors without a fight! I'll say it...most don't have the guts. We NEED to have a revolution NOW to restore fairness, freedom and hope for the United States and its future! I will not wear a mask, I will not get another "shot" and I will NOT bow at the altar of evil –will you?

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Now in 110 countries...110!! And not one of them
have said they're offended!

Our Pledge of Allegiance:
I pledge Allegiance to the flag
of the United States of America
and to the Republic for which it stands,
one nation under God, indivisible,
with Liberty and Justice for all.

Dear Lord: Please Bless and heal this land with your grace and power.
Help us to realize YOU are in charge as you were, as you are now and like
you'll be in the future. Forgive us for "straying off the trail" of what's right
and what's wrong and help us to appreciate what you've blessed us with,
the greatest Country in the world...America!
In Jesus Name.....Amen

Please read Isaish Chapter 51 vs 12.

The way things were - are the way things ought to be!

(Copyright Zeb Bell)

Adios Buckaroos and Buckarettes!

God Bless and Fly the Flag!!

Zeb Bell

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